Never Meant - American Football

We Were Liars - E Lockhart
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Best Summer Ever! etalk & 5 Seconds of Summer

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"One day I’ll wake up and be glad I did"

—Something I have to keep reminding myself  (via shutdownthecity)

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5 Seconds of Summer on ‘This Morning’ TV programme on June 30th, 2014.

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what people are trying to say about laws etc is that if theres an issue that only affects women, a government involving mainly men should not be making decisions on it, the same would apply if the gendet roles are reversed. it's just like how rich privately educated people in government cant make well informed decisions on things affecting people in poverty eg tax laws :) congrats on that offer btw :') —Anonymous

i mean that makes so much more sense than what that post suggested and it just made me snap, i’m so sick of feminism everywhere which sounds bad but you know w/e haha thank you :)

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dsconnectedmikey said:Congratulations sweetie!!!!!! xx

thank you!! i hope i can take it; i hope it’s not too expensive to live etc haahaha x

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The sunset was beautiful today

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i just got offered an internship with a record label in dublin for a minimum of 3 months ????????????????!!!!



straight boys dress like randomised sims


ah yes your average straight boy

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Seahaven album review



Seahaven - Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only

As the name suggests, this album has a truly astoundingly relaxing feel running from cover to cover. Each of the fourteen tracks featured on this album can cure every bad mood and make a good mood even better. Reverie Lagoon makes the thought of sitting in the heat of a setting sun by a sparkling pier of water with a rosé spritzer in hand seem even more appealing than it already does. If you don’t want to listen to this album from tracks 1 straight to 14 already (why not!?), I’ll make it easier for you and give you a low down on each track, and those of which you simply cannot skip or overlook.

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What part of "men shouldn't write legislation to police women's bodies" makes you think we're saying women should write legislation about men's bodies???? 1. That makes 0 sense and 2. There is no legislation policing men's bodies. That's the whole point. —Anonymous

ok one it doesn’t say “women’s bodies” it says “women”, which could mean anything. and two if they meant bodies, i assume you’re talking about abortion, then they should have specified.

and I didn’t SAY women should write about men’s bodies smh i said if their point is men shouldn’t make rules about women (NOT THEIR BODIES BC THATS NOT WHAT THE POST SAID) then why should women make rules about men??? then who is there left to make rules if neither can make rules to govern either?? men makes rules for men and women make rules for women??

i am 3654758690% pro choice in regards to abortion, i see nothing wrong with it at aLL but i am just so fucking sick of people on this website sometimes and their uber feminism 

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